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The four dimensions of liberalism
I have recently suggested that the Democratic Alliance begin using the word ‘liberal’ and the word ‘liberalism’ in their communications. That is that the Democratic Alliance should begin proudly declaring... read more
Only 26 475 people voted ANC — that’s not even one seat
I said right at the outset, in “New political party in its first election outing“, that: And now we get to 2019, the election that will settle once and for all, whether the ANC actually has ten million votes of its... read more
A rebel without a satellite dish: Decoding the recent Steve Hofmeyr saga
Recently, a new method of braaing became fashionable in South Africa. It’s called the “MultiChoice Decoder and Satellite Dish Braai”. It’s more a roast, actually. This kind of braai did not appeal to me, to be... read more
Creating space to talk about the politics of shame
By Rebecca Helman and Neziswa Titi In their interview with Elspeth Probyn, Vivienne Bozalek, Tamara Shefer and Ronelle Carolissen argue that “ Read more read more