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Sex as ‘making’ love: Reitman’s ‘No Strings attached’
When is sex just sex, and when does it amount to ‘making love’? ‘Making love’ is an interesting construction, of course, and is usually a reference to having sex, but – considering the verb, ‘making’ in conjunction... read more
My song for NICOC
I remember when you were born of me, Level-headed to avoid catastrophe, In service that couldn’t quite compete, Just playing the fool with possibility, Hoping now that we got some remedy, Lifting weight soar above the... read more
I hate when this happens
I’ve just finished reading the Democratic Alliance’s document, “The Manifesto For Change”. It consists of three parts. The first itemises its economic solutions, the second details its social solutions and... read more
The manifesto for change
Beware of political parties promising you the world in their manifestos and campaign materials. Believe it or not politicians are quite flexible with both reality and the truth. With this in mind I started reading the Democratic... read more