National Student Bank
  • To my fellow students I am given once again to reflect on the pathetic leadership provided to the students of South Africa by the ANC government, and in this case by the SACP’s former Minister Blade Nzimande, and the ANC’s Youth Militia of COSAS, SASCO, ANCYL, YCL and PYA.
  • I recall that they all promised us free higher education if we voted ANC, and that we were thus induced to vote ANC.
  • I am reminded that all of the above conveniently refused to implement free higher education, because SASCO’s plan, which is the only plan the ANC has, is complete rubbish, as it is impractical and unsustainable.
  • Therefore as an act of charity I enumerate the only plan for free higher education, and remind the public that former Minister Nzimande was given this plan and that SASCO and the ANC’s youth militia was unable to develop a better or even equally competent plan, despite their vast resources.
  • So if we continue to have people being denied their right to a higher education, perhaps former Minister Nzimande was correctly and appropriately fired and the ANC’s youth militia should be disbanded because they are evidently not adding value to JZ’s term as president.
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