CR17: Please fill in the blanks
We are not confused, we can say, “Top 8″, without referring to football and/or soccer. Therefore will CR17 please fill in the blanks publicly – because we are not afraid of “slate politics”. CR17... read more
The truth about Nkandla

Factually, all state presidents are being blackmailed. They are being threatened and extorted by their own people, their own party bosses, their own funders, their own supporters and their own handlers. Regardless of which country, regardless of which regime; all state presidents are being blackmailed. In comparison, prime ministers are merely besieged by those around them and those within their own entourage; some vying for their job; some seeking favour. From global security to local development; the pressures of leadership are not just limited to decision making and balancing the vote, so as not to exclude potential supporters.

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The psychology of the failed state

Some years ago I ordered the destruction of every dysfunctional government, state, country and authority. I also ordered the destruction of every dysfunctional sovereign and sovereignty. You have experienced this as the Eurozone, the long War Against Terror, the supremacy of English Imperialism, the clientisation of CIA Frontshops, the simplification of Global Dialogue and the eradication of Corruption and Inefficiency. read more

The narcissism in heraldry

Notwithstanding my demand that collusion and impervious co-operation not decide the fate and future of my peoples, I have on occasion taken the liberty of unilateralism. Unbeknown to many and unfettered by the constraints of corruption, I have been able to shape reality as it is experienced by each and every person, regardless of whether they believed that life existed for the purpose of participating in selective or destructive repetition, or whether they claimed that liberty existed for the purpose of issuance, utterance and passing-off. read more