SteinPuff – how much is enough?
We woke up this morning to the news that Christo Wiese had lost 75% of his R58bn (that’s 58 000 million rand) fortune. He is now only worth a paltry R11bn. This all came about because of what appears to be some spectacular... read more
A challenging archaeological perspective
In the world of archaeology it seems that it takes a long time for what Thomas Kuhn called a “paradigm switch” to take place. By this phrase – as is well-known – Kuhn (1962) meant a sudden abandonment of a certain... read more
I cannot resist the temptation to outrightly say “it was a long time coming.” As you, who reads this, will most likely have learned of the saga that grips a proud boys school of 145 years standing, I am most certain – if... read more
The urgency for ‘critical theory’ to wake up to the extinction of the ‘human’
I recently attended an exciting event: the inaugural symposium of what is set to become the South African Society of Critical Theory (SASCT) at the University of the Free State, arranged by colleagues in the philosophy... read more