A Le Pen victor in France!? Fault lines and the Future of the EU and Europe 
As France undertakes its general elections this week, the world’s eyes will be on Marine Le Pen as concern grows about the future of the European Union (EU). Lingering insecurity, especially in the wake of the most recent... read more
ANC’s Radical Economic Transformation is just a convenient diversion
The ANC has consistently promised to develop policies and strategies that will deliver a better life for all in the post-apartheid era. The people have demonstrated their confidence and trust by delivering the party into power... read more
Equality and intellectual emancipation
How does one achieve the intellectual emancipation of students, or, for that matter, of anyone, including yourself? The answer most people would probably give to this question, is that it is done through education and learning.... read more
The ANC must undergo creative implosion to re-invent itself
The long awaited cabinet reshuffle has finally happened. Almost a third of the ministers have been laid off. This is unprecedented. Its rationale according to the president is to promote efficiency and bring about a better life... read more